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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

Rec pastebin:

Seven Seas Licensing Survey:

Bonus questions:
>What do you think of female characters in BL? Who are the best and worst?

Previous thread:

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>A literal translation (w/o his rough pronunciations)
- That's not it.
- As for my "town", it already has a house to enter into.

The licensed version probably took from "town", ??, which can also mean waiting, so the anon was closer.

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> A literal translation (w/o his rough speaking)
- That's not it.
- Because my "town" already has a place to enter.

And Yuki on the other page...

- Sensei's "town" is my thing.

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Whoops >>2710417 is meant for >>2710376. How blind am I?

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Thanks anon! I wonder if town is a slang for dick. If so, the scan translator is the most correct, though they should've used some kind of double entendre.

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I'm no prolific reader, but from what I've noticed, commercial manga/doujinshi don't say the "vulgar" words for genitalia directly as long as it's obviously implied you're talking about it.

Probably due to self-censorship (jishu kisei)? I've seen them called place (though this one's more used for receiving, I think), thing, son, guy, object, etc., while the colloquial words for genitalia are censored. Not unless it's adult/hentai.

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I don't mind in this case, he's in a brothel talking to a prostitute, and though English regularly uses euphemisms for genitalia there's not really a convention of indirectness like >>2710526 mentions. And Matsu isn't the most refined guy in the world.

Futekiya translator is just a wuss, kek.

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They're saying "mara" (check the hiragana ra, pls), not "machi". Mara is indeed a word for dick. https://www.jlect.com/entry/2673/mara

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Shit guys, I've been busy for a few days and I come back to the thread almost being over?

Taking suggestions for image or question as usual.

Also, I'll put the pinboard near the top of the next thread, should I add instructions for how to post to it too? And should I still update and include the pastebin or are we ditching it now?

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Oh, lol you're absolutely right. I'm unfamiliar with mara so I guess my brain just automatically read it as machi every damned time haha.

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Please include the pastebin, anon! Can you also post the chart?

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I've copy-pasted my post for the how-to... I'll fix it when I've got the time. https://notes.pinboard.in/u:yrecs/f1e5bb2ba91dd9d863ce

Please include pastebin. I've only got through half of the list transferred to the pinboard. Welp.

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Holy shit, Seraphic Deviltry actually started working on My Little Inferno. This looks like it'll be a ride.

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...I was so sure this would be good but all I'm feeling is crushing disappointment

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Did you disrike the noncon?

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Okay fixed some stuff up and added some things this should be good for now. As always if there are any errors or additions lemme know

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Nope, I'm fine with noncon. I was just surprised that the story and art weren't more interesting.

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Quoted By: >>2710854

Really? I love Asada Nemui's art. As for the story, I think there's still a lot to be revealed? I got that impression at least.

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Quoted By: >>2710754

Try adding a time stamp everytime you update the chart. Like, "Last time the chart was updated: 03/01/2019". Also, did you get rid of Romance as a genre?

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>>Try adding a time stamp
Oh yea I forgot to put that on there, will add it next time
>>did you get rid of Romance as a genre?
No there's like one title on there that has a romance tag I think?..I tried to pick tags that made the title stand out or were more interesting since nearly all of them have a romance tag

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I actually enjoy this one for the eroguro and the plot, the world building ideas are really interesting and it kind of feels like they have a lot of ideas they aren't talking about yet behind the scenes.

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Hope they are in with Parade enough to do Lkyt.

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megumi to tsugumi is ongoing and probably warrants a couple stars.
Looking good tho anon!>>2710732

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megumi to tsugumi is ongoing and probably warrants a couple stars.
Looking good tho anon!

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Can anyone with good eyes here confirm if Mitarou Teishoku (Mitarou) is the same person as this one? https://twitter.com/46chan2000
it's been bugging me since seeing the cover of that latest ntr novel on panda with how similar their art style is.

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Quoted By: >>2710925 >>2710965

>all that Nitro Chiral under VNs
I want to be the change but damn do I have zero good ideas

Also is there a reason these threads are on #12 yet no pastebin for downloads?

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N+C kinda rules that game for now but it looks like Parade will be an alternative soon enough.
Hope we get someone to come forward with more gamey BL VNs.

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There's not a lot of VN talk here, most of it is on /blog/

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I wonder how those two will end up, maybe the logical endpoint is Makoto consuming J but I don't really know. They should have more scenes just hanging out together, their interaction is creepycute.

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Some VN suggestions: Lucky Dog, Hanamachi Monogatari and Hanakage -Ochita Mitsuka-

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is the uke a kid? looks very young

>> No.2711070

university aged at least but he acts like a kid

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Does anyone have the raw? It's 2 voleumes and they are dead.

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Meh. I liked the incest brothers for her, a shame it was only two chapters.

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Quoted By: >>2711182 >>2711391

Misaka Nium has 2 new stories coming out!

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>no armpit hair
>but facial hair tho
why are women like this

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Quoted By: >>2711196 >>2711201

Many male artists do this just as much as the women... Hair is annoying to draw.

>> No.2711187

That is some highly sculpted facial hair so it wouldn't be a surprise they manscape or shave pits.
Not everyone likes having their pit bush rustle.

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Quoted By: >>2711201

This, have you ever tried drawing body hair? Shit's a nightmare.

>> No.2711201

drawing in one panel or illustration is fine but the second it's a character you have to draw quickly in over a hundred panels you start being upset with yourself for even trying.

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Maybe the cover for the second volume of My Little Inferno? It's less rapey than the first one.

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Quoted By: >>2711405

Or maybe some MADK picture since it got mentioned a couple of times this thread. There's a very beautiful doujin cover on the author's Twitter but I'm not sure if I'd get banned for posting gore if I showed it.

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I'll probably go with this. Making the new thread tonight.

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Wait hang on is this a fucking isekai

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Lol it seems so

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Goddamn. There is a third. So now we have Trip Lovers, Love in Limbo, and... Isekai Sex Trip? It looks like the title is

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Their art so so good, it feels very classy even when it's sexual.

>> No.2711406

I probably shouldn't be worried about how the dog is doing in some cliche porno plot but, I hope that dog he was walking is okay.

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Summaries for Happy Kuso Life and Color Recipe are the same

>> No.2711605

New Thread >>2711602

Went with the Etranger movie poster because a friend suggested I ask a question about BL adaptations. But trust, My Little Inferno and MADK will eventually be thread openers.

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I read these and some were ok.
It felt like some of the characters were really immature and stupid though, kind of felt wrong to read especially golden sparkle.
Any other suggestions please?

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