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new thread.
download in comment

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'Kovit hospital guy'

Is this correct? Having max hearts with Kovit unlocked the guy on main street for me.I still can't unlock hospital guy (John). I might have missed an opportunity to talk to him in one of the weeks idk.

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I don't think green haired doc is actually an option. There's no CG for him as far as I can see.

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Yeah the doctor is not an option for npc cgs cuz there's not images for him

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Found out (from a post higher up on this page) you need to talk to John every day. After some time he will say something along the line of "you come here a lot" and the CG is unlocked.

Basically you and John will talk to each over (like other NPCs you unlock)

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Doc is not there. Last NPC is John and the after storys. I must say you can tell the difference from the game art and the after story art

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What are the After Story CG for each character?

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From the gallery

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Tried to upload a pic but failed. Can try later or some one else can lol

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also i just want o ask is the animation super laggy ? or is it just my laptop? i'm on version 1.20, i am told that there is a 1.21 or 1.22(by what twitter implies) already, but sadly can't check

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well yeah, the after story animation cg art was made by maoh king not mazjojo, so that he could animate it better

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my bad thats are wrong kovit are the main street guy hospital are visiting every day

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Any place with last update download? maoh king made it? wow

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Hi. Someone can get all new cgs and animation?

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Can someone post the lates update here ?

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never ever lol

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any idea how i get the last 2 cgs of page 18?... and page 19 are just for After endings right?

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hello, someone would be so kind to post the new update or the cgs, please

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F95 has it.

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did they lower the amount of money you can get from the game ? or it increases as you play(playing the 1.2 version), i haven't played from the start for a while

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they did nerf money

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fuck, how can i get max affection on everyone now?

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being efficient

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do have a list of best presets for the characters ?

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Can someone upload the new CG's of after story and animation plz?

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The animated CG is nothing to be amazed about. It is just repeated action of one scene thrusting in and out and then climax that's all

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Guys i need sone help when i play the after story some of the cg wont appear its missing
Pls help me

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Pls anyone help i finish the story and move to after story but the cg wont appear it error code pls help me

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Is there a difference between the itch and steam versions and why the former is more than double the price of the other?

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steam and itch are the same price, but steam has a diferent dollar price in thier system, so when you buy from steam outside the usa you will likely pay way less then itch. also there is no diference, when it was lunched on steam it was the version 1.2 wich is the same current version of itch

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Did the animation version leaked?

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Well, not bad for the animation. But next time, they add some SFX and if they don't bother its better for the voice actors to say what being written on their dialogues instead of saying at least one word.

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When will full service game have an android version ??

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Eww.. The animation seem sux gg well paid the animator they had - _-

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Kovittt -3-

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Anyone know how to fix the heavy memory usage for this game?

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Hey guys does anyone know how to get the both twins in the beach event
Pls reply or comment

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How do you get to have the both twins in the beach cg
Anyone knows

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Version 1.20:

https://f95zone . to/threads/full-service-v1-20-herculion.46427/

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Flirt with both boys (Oki and Oken) before the beach event. I think you need to be pass "date" 2 (from talking at the spa to talking at the beach/garage).

When that happens you pick to spend time with both Oki/Oken

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god bless u anon

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I have been wondering what happened with these CG's? Maz leaked them once on twitter, however I have been looking for them, but they don't appear anywhere, a good soul who can share those ones?

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Script doesn't work with this, I take it?

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is there a mac version?

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Is there google or "scrolling up"?

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