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i beg u for some sexy daddy morgan

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Hey guys lets get some more Biri art here.
Haters gonna hate, not allowed

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Get off biribeast

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why'd you reply just let this thread die already

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Male nudity in official anime/manga/comics thread. No fan art/edit

Last thread: >>2643475

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Quoted By: >>2722400

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I love big beefy male with big beefy boobs and asses so widebros is one of my favorite nsfw artists

Post anything of his art, specially newer stuff, it's just sooooo good.

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Thanks for posting

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Does anybody have any of the newer stuff?

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His yiff.party got updated with some new stuff you begger.

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Anyone happen to reclaim Martin Führer rewards from Patreon? The nude versions must be so hot

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Goku Black x Zamasu thread and any yaoi that involves either Goku Black or Zamasu with another male Dragon Ball character.

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My favorite, I wish it was a tad more explicit though.

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Read the rules newfag only men allowed

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I'd love to see a series of pics where Goku Black and Zamasu have Goku tied up and forcing him to worship Black's body, sucking his toes, sucking his dick, rimming him, humiliating him with his own body.

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gross as fuck

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Ranma yaoi thread

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The first probably, with the force of his penis popping out flicking ryoga’s cock with enough force to launch him off the bed

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Preferably with collar and tailplug

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Artist/group: Moon Parrot
Title: Kuro no Tsuki

Picking carefully for this one so it doesn't get removed....

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Artist/group: Zariya
Title: Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko

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Is this thread about long hair boys but you're putting out sources of the artist and titles? More specifically from bl eroge and manga?

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I found this new furry game which has an english demo. Thoughts?

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No furshit allowed outside /b/

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Fact checking...

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It's not a game. It's clearly a visual novel. There's nothing to demonstrate. You just read chapter 1.

As visual novels go, it's slow to start and waffles a bit before settling into the Fox's point of view. However it's not bad. I've read a lot worst with obnoxious train-of-thought mixed with time bending narration that juggles past and present tenses.

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I could swear this shit got deleted, why is it back?

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i want to see boys who are bleeding or bruised

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Starting this thread up again because the other went poof again

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Nude version anyone

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Men of Pokemon

The last thread has reached its limit.

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what did sakimi fuck up this time?

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Can anyone help find the artist?

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>be me
>in math class
>Highest set so very hard
>Have test on Friday
>We are all joking around because teacher is nice and talking about the test
>They’re always pressuring me into talking because I’m kinda quiet
>Think about how in elementary school, tests and crosswords usually has the answers scribbled at the bottom of the page and they were erased with black markers but were always still visible
It’s now or never
>Say it and talk about how epic it would be if it happened
>This one jock faggot who always complains about me being quiet speaks up
>”Anon.... you’re kinda weird”
Wtf guys I can’t keep going, this is bullshit

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If anon is a fujo then this is the only acceptable solution

>> No.2704814

>Think about how in elementary school, tests and crosswords usually has the answers scribbled at the bottom of the page and they were erased with black markers but were always still visible
I have no idea what you're talking about
Why were answers scribbled at the bottom

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Are the mods dead or what?

>> No.2704820

When are they ever alive?

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Go away

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ITT: Manga/Doujins that were so good that you usually come back to it for another nutting.


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het spotted

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Refer to the chart for levels of hetero

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nigger close your eyes and post shit you find hot it's not that hard

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Fuck me up!!!!

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what does this even fucking mean

>> No.2704507

Early morning cumbrain reflections

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Keep your filthy mongrels away from my precious boys, swear to god.

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Yaoi Shota Movie online here:


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>literally girls with penis

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Anyone got more from this artist? They pulled their stuff before the tumblr purge but they had some great stuff. Also, general HTTYD thread

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Quoted By: >>2710694 >>2710730

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Source please

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Someone called Dragonboysclub but they deleted their Tumblr and privated their Twitter. If you like any of their stuff look en up on R34

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Quoted By: >>2710739


Tagged myself because i'm retarded

>> No.2710739

No your not. Mistakes happen. Thank you very much.

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Kirishima x Bakugo yaoi video:

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1) Is tomgirls allowed here or only in hentai alternative?

2) What if you want to post content that covers both yaoi and tomgirls? Can you still post it here?

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Why does nobody read the rules? >>2565057
>1) Is tomgirls allowed here or only in hentai alternative?
>posting girls on a male focus board
No. No girls allowed here whatsoever.

>2) What if you want to post content that covers both yaoi and tomgirls?
This is the most stupidest question I've ever read on this entire board. There's nothing yaoi about girls.

>> No.2704123 [DELETED]

Yes, Tomgirls, as in feminine men, are allowed, but tomboys, masculine men are not.

Don't mine the first guy, he's retarded.

>> No.2704124 [DELETED]

Yes, Tomgirls, as in feminine men, are allowed, but tomboys, masculine men are not.

Don't mine the first guy, he's retarded.

>> No.2704125

Yes, Tomgirls, as in feminine men, are allowed, but tomboys, masculine women, are not.

Don't mine the first guy, I think he's retarded.

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Yaoi Zelda Video Link x Ganon

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Porn to make you feel slightly less inadequate

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>> No.2721523

> make you feel slightly less inadequate
But I want to feel inadequate?

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>> No.2722387

Only ever posted on barachan afaik
He had a tumblr but that's obviously not been updated

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Show porn for these characters

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Cullen and Alistair are blonde.

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Better thread >>2702311

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sick of huge burly men with monster cocks. where are all my cute little twinks?

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>Where's all the shota?

>> No.2703991

Twinks =/= shota

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