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Fucking hell i should have saved more of his pics before yiff fucking shit itself and died, if you guys have any of his (non furry) art i would be sooo thankful

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Yeah i would upload more stuff but sadly the pics i have are more than 4 mb, so sorry lads

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Day 1: Sakuma's English Voice

Got good pics of Sakuma? Post 'em!

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Moaning reel, I like the way you think anon.

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We did already finish the root dildo scene for Ichinose so here's a small sample of his moans: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hc6u1milz08n7mx/Ichinose_English_Moan.wav/file

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Not bad.

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Ooh, that sounds kinda hot desu.

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I can never find much so I'll just dump what I have

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Previous thread:

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I’ve been looking for similar but only found Sukuna so far

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I can't get enough of brotherly love, I literally had no interest in shipping anything in jjk before this showed up.

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Who likes to pay for some very rich personalized photos of my body?
ig @a_daimon_more

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Haven't seen this one in a while. Remember: Nein miniature toppers

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I would tell you to choke on a dick but I doubt one would come close enough to you. Even if you actually have one I doubt it is big enough for you to choke on.

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Can these big Japanese demons get some love too~?

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Post Yaoi from xenoblade chronicles 1 or 3

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the lack of porn on Reyn is highly disturbing. I thought with the release of DE, it could regain interest, but I guess he was never meant to be. why do best boys always get shafted.>>2839405

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Does anyone have or wanna get the mazjojo set lmao it’s so good

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It's a shame that Zeke is always thrown into shota porn. ...Xenoblade's porn is just a mess cause of Rex.

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Quoted By: >>2839045

Post anything there is of this artist.

Also, there is a voting right now for his new comic. Vote number 1!


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Just voted option 1. I cant wait for the results!

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Saint Seiya. Burn your kosumo.

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Someone posted this yaoi hours ago here.

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This one is way better.

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Wow, finally someone made Aldebaran a top. He is always a fucking bottom.

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I Found this Call of Duty Yaoi Doujin Months Ago

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So General Shepherd Led Ghost and Soap to a Mission to Infiltrate a Secret base of a Terrorist Group. and then Ghost's PP got Bit by a Snake and He told Soap To Have Sex with him. And also Ghost kept Falling Down. Also Soap Takes him to a Empty Warehouse, And then Ghost's PP Shows Up. and He Gave Soap a BlowJob, and then Ghost Put his Finger to Soap's Asshole. And then Ghost Rammed to Soap's Asshole and, after the Mission, Soap looked Badass looking, and He punched Ghost at the End.

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Ok. Here's a Link to it.


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Ahegao Soap isn't Real. He Can't Hurt you.

Ahegao Soap:

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But the Scenes are Still Haunting me. Please Don't Read it.

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go back to tumblr newfag

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Original series, GX, 5D, any of them. Show off the rarer parings you have. There are far too many guys being underutilized in these shows.

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hot. Is this board usually all bara?

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I get the feeling you dont know what bara means.

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I have over 300+ images of hentai collected over the years.

My twitter is @mxnhater. Despite my
username, I actually love men lmao.

I have a wide range and all of them are 18+. I have BNHA, Persona games, LOTS of Levi Ackerman, and an ungodly amount of wolfmen (no shame). I also a few volumes of have Peter Griffin x Joe Swanson fanfic.

Please DM me. I'm bored and maybe we can exchange yaoi pics lol. If my dms don't work, just @ me in a post asking for the yaoi pics and I will reply to you with them.

The artist is dinklebert on tumblr for this art piece. I have much more NSFW ones.

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300 images is not a lot

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Let's start anew. Remember boys, girls, and enbies: None smaller toppen

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Quoted By: >>2839874

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Imagine being this desperate to spam your "No small tops" garbage that you spam 24 images to make this the "right one" to post in.

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Post pics of guys here that just completely lose their vocal restraint during sexy times.

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Never really been big on the slurping but I'll post it since some of ya'll will probably like it.

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https://www.mediafire.com/file/3zlp4dr34zz4h20/NTY_-_Hiro_-_8.mp3/file He's surprisingly quiet here when you compare it to the last few scenes.

>> No.2839814

Last 3 sex scenes are tied all-together in the gallery:

It starts out with more slurping and then Hiroyuki slowly being teased into a wailing, sobbing puddle. Maybe I'm just a really sadistic anon but hearing him melt like that still gives me an unbelievable thrill...

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Last thread is past the limit >>2837980

Let's continue posting those perfect gods.

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File: 281KiB, 1000x1414, Suyohara-Zagreus-22-MRM.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Any East Asian here now? Do you know any site with good pics?

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Saint Seiya thread, Taurus and Leo first

Any East Asian here now? Do you know any site with good pics?

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rip his pixiv, most of his good shit doesn't seem to be archived anywhere aside from like 20-something posts that made it to the boorus and he doesn't have any interest in reuploading/censoring so ¯\_ (?) _/¯

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Quoted By: >>2838436

Old one reached limit. Let's start anew. Remember boys, girls, and non-binaries: No smol tops!

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Yo, fuck off.

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>no small tops

And with that the thread died.

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Quoted By: >>2838550

Fuse is so fking hot.artist https://mobile.twitter.com/Dojaik

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Quoted By: >>2838226

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Already a thread for it >>2801149

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M4M Any fucked up pervs wanna perv off to my buddy Max? We can plan how to kidnap him, we can talk about anything with him. He's a nerdy Christian boy and he's so sexy, I have all his social media. Wickr: Slightlybonkers

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Quoted By: >>2838193

oh hell nah bro

>> No.2838193
Quoted By: >>2838195

aww why not?

>> No.2838195

wrong board

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you're more than slightly bonkers that's for sure.

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Quoted By: >>2838186

Hentai caption thread

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