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Just saw the movie. Please post moar.

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hey anons can you tell me who the artist behind this one is?

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1. This isn't /r/
2. It's literally the filename from the /aco/ thread you saved the image from >>>/aco/3942279

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Big bara butts excite.

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Doctors/scientists with labcoats/medical anyone? Have a massive fetish for this shit and coronavirus news everywhere has me

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In celebration of the release of Mount and Blade : Warband, let us post pics of guys in armor / knights / helmet-heads / uniforms / suits / anything in between.

Starting with our butterlord King of Swadia.

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Helmets protect you from the virus

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Need more smash porn with cloud in it

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I kid you not

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i don't remember asking. if it bothers you so much, report or let the thread die.

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Go back to /b/ degenerate

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Obviously you guys are unaware of the pilot episode.

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These have been some of my favorites for years

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Sometimes you just can't pause but sometimes you just can't wait either
Pictures of guys going down with consoles/controllers on hand

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Here you go

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Sauce please !

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Thanks bro !

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I need more Phoenix if you got it.

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just waiting for the lad on/britf/ to finish compilating my posts for his reply haha

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I discovered the pieces of his rather occasionally while roaming among twitter around a month or two ago and I hardly admit he hasn't gave any sign for a year now. I still cannot find any artist who would indeed be comparable with his scrupulousest attention to all details, such as wrinkles, reflections and shadows. Yet he was an example of sincere modesty and appreciation to all his admirers: no doubt he gave all his heart and devoted so much to this labor. Thus unsiprisingly he had to take a break, although it already became so long and presumably won't ever end...

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It is horrible being gay there.
You get job discrimination, the laws apply different on you, even you own family will think you are a shame for them, even ending hiring a "Fake Wife", for make your family & social work enviorment " happy" you are straight and not gay.

Nothing is like they pic on gay arts/mangas made in Japan.

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Didn't he net around 5k a month in Patreon despite the leaks?

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i thought he killed himself

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Are there any substantiations?

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please anyone have the rokudenashi animations andpost them??

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Cute boys whit 3 legs

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youll probably have better luck on /D/

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What are some manga like Junjo Romantica?
All yaoi I find is either too vanilla or too violent. I want something that's forceful but also loving and sweet like Junjo. I know pic related but that's it.

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Perhaps Sekaiichi Hatsukoi? It's from the same author and the style is similar

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Last one hit the bump limit
Previous threads:

Link to CGs and patreon rewards:

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I think you accidentally a number

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That's probably it. But it would be interesting to see someone smaller than Aiden fucking him.

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What?, where can I see bottom Aiden>>2720920

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Last one hit the bump limit
Previous threads:

Link to CGs and patreon rewards:

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Frequently. Especially when it comes to shit like seeing the child-like characters of Pokemon or Steven Universe getting oceans of porn, while entire rosters of manly men from things like fighting games or live action shows with hunky men don't get as much attention as they really should.

Also, I never understand how some animation pieces like Simpsons or South Park get a fucking ocean of porn with characters who don't really look like anything anyone would be attracted to.

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>Coming from a furfag that wastes most of their talent on drawing farting bags

>> No.2718962

Just looked this guy up and he should kill himself. What a fucking hypocrite. When there's a whole ocean of fetishes out there and this moron is attracted to NEETs. People this beyond the pale really just need to look back for a second.

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this is very hot

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just nudes!!!

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Can I ask somebody to share the full CG of this art , pls?

>> No.2718904

No. You're suppose to share your interests. Not beg or making request. I know the mods are really inconsistent about it, but the board would lose it's integrity if the only people that posted here were looking for handouts.

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Any artist that is like a gay version of diives

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anyone have camp buddy for android ?, the latest version

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and pc pleas

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Looking for more BBL's stuff especially the halloween special on Slipshine but cant find any siterips and the site's payment processor isnt available in my country.

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I'm in search of DayDreamerJim February 2020 Patreon Reward, since a lot ot people jus want it to trade it.


Contact me if you have it or any Patreon Reward.

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Anyone have bludwing?

>> No.2718723

What about schizoid's stuff? It's been a while since anything of his was posted

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oh shit you have headingsouthart stuff

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Fem boy Easter

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who’s your favorite male vidya character /v/?

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ocelot grrr miau

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yuckie yuckie im only here to infect

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Ryuji Sakamoto, persona 5. by far the most unhealthy crush i've ever had on a fictional character.

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gonta gokuhara :)))))

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