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I have been looking for it and could not find it.

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Hi, does anyone have patreon or uncensored content from dosu-kunn

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I think thats what the Patreon threads are for...

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Patreon threads get you nowhere.

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I can't find his patreon content, is not amiable on yiff.party

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It's not gonna be any better to make a new thread. If people don't have it in there then no one on the board is gonna have it.

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Say no to drugs, say yes to Yaoi!

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Traps, Crossdressers, Femboys, Ladyboys, Shemales, Trannys. Can be mature, young, black, white, whatever, just post here pics of it

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>comes back to post their tranny porn after their previous thread got deleted
Coming again eh tranny fucker? Fuck off and keep your shit in >>>/d/ and >>>/trash/. Girls aren't welcome here. There's already a crossdressing thread way more superior than this crap. This is why all trapfags should neck themselves and deserve implaements.

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Post here videos, gifs or photos of: traps, ladyboys, shemales, trannys, crossdressers(anime, hentai or real life)

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Rune Factory/Harvest Moon (forgive the WIP, only thing I have on hand).
A few years ago someone posted a picture of Vishnal and Arthur, did anyone save that?

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Anyone know of any gay romance manga/anime that feature a trap character? Something cool, like the main dude doesn’t know he’s falling for a trap?

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Boku no Pico. Also traps are gross

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Says you, virgin

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How many trannies have you fucked so far?

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Just grab a shoujo anime and pretend the main girl's got a dick there's absolutely no difference anyways anime traps are a bunch of garbage made for straight virgins wanting to feel special

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why the fuck did you use a screen cap from the raven and the crow now i’m scared remembering that shit

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Looking for more doujins or CG sets about like mindbreak/rape type stuff, or at least boys with a similar body type

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wasn't looking for pedo stuff, the character happens to be in high school, they could still be 18, was specifically looking for mindbreak stuff, does that mean that if I were to start a thread about resident evil guys it would be a request thread because I am requesting that resident evil characters be posted?

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What about this?

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Still shota, you think trap and shota ain't the same? Same with dick girls, there's literally no difference between them they're all a meme fetish pushed around by trannies

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Is shit but I don't blame a chaser to not know what a visually appealing male even looks like anymore

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I do in fact think that they are not all the same, and dick girls usually have tits, why do you care so much? Why not just not go into the thread?
yeah pretty good, in the vein of what I was looking for

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So I made this.

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The white man is topping because all races were made to serve white males.

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how is this a racist meme

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Maybe I should lurk maor but which meme?

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Looking for anyone who can translate this BL. Willing to pay commission for it too.

Raws for the whole volume available on MRM: https://myreadingmanga.info/azuma-kaya-sakurada-senpai-kaizou-keikaku-jp/

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Posting some pages to gather interest. Chapter 1 got translated and uploaded in MRM but the scanlators are those shitty “you can only read the rest of our chapters on our locked discord” types.

Sniping their shit and sharing it publicly will also piss them off so this would be a double win.

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anyone interested in the size difference?

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>The macro thread

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He's got a little dot nose that gets mixed with his freckles

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Oh Osomatsu.
Because wincest and in the anime they're garbage human beings and there's like one hundred canon AUs so doujinkas can go crazy drawing and writing shit with them, also, at least from the nip perspective, its fame came from the VAs, they're voiced by a bunch of popular male voice actors and that's kind of a big deal, makes people want to watch shows and shit.

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That makes sense, to be honest. Still looks noseless when we don't see him from the side most of the time. But I love stocky guys so I forgive it.

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The only character i'd say I feel this way about is Tohru Adachi from Persona 4.
I fucking loathe his fanbase, but that's another story for another time, and only a small reason why I dislike him.
His personality is like the regurgitation of r/niceguys, and his appearance isn't anything special. He looks so average, but fangirls fucking drop their panties and squeal for this average edgelord incel man.
He's also everywhere in P4AU online, and keeps ruining good Yu lewds by bringing his disgusting dick into it. Yu deserves better.

>> No.2716613

I'm convinced half the fanbase likes him for the irony of it because he's so cartoony and cringy, and well the other half I've met is because they're trannies and they also wanna be "trash edgy bois uwu" with shitty haircuts

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The guy who made the ‘gae request thread’ isn’t coming back because he wasn’t interested in the thread because he is a furry and the rules state no furries allowed

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> Why can't people follow the rules
> Make a useless thread about people who don't follow rules, while he's not following them

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Never thought I would be ASKING for a Disney thread, but I just saw Onward and damn I'm horny! Please help me out with any Onward

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We sure is not just their mom with a dick?

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Been hoping for an Onward thread for awhile. Went in for Ian, came out loving both Ian and Barley. Couple of cute boys. Worth every dime.

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>Went in for Ian
whaaaaaat?! why him?

>> No.2716346

I just have a weakness for cute twinky guys like Ian lol. Tack on how meek and adorable he is, and he's got the whole recipe down to be one of my faves. All that said, I went in expecting nothing of Barley. Physically he did nothing for me, and I didn't pay much attention to his tidbits throughout the trailers. Over the course of the movie, I just fell in love with him. Completely caught me by surprise. He's way too loveable in too many ways. Now I'm even pretty attracted to him, if only because he swayed my heart so profusely lol.

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suck my dicku pls carbo

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cow futa pls

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this is a yaoi board though. just go to /h

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go to /h if you want hentai. this is a yaoi board

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go to /d/ if you want to post futa or trans. this is a yaoi board

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Dammit janny tranny do your fucking job

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old man thread

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I've seen plenty of (but not enough) threads about male nudity in media in general, but somehow they never feature games!
So this is a thread for that. Nudity that's either official or semi-official, from gaming.
I'll start!

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fuck off pedo

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Found this in my favorites, thought youd guys whould like it.

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this is shit. they took away everything that made him attractive and he just looks like a little girl now.

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>Doujin for trapfags
You all disgust me and I wish death upon all the newfags arriving to 4chan this week.
Go fuck yourself.

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nhentai is shit. myreadingmanga and ehentai have always had way more

>> No.2715682

Juts use panda like an actual human would and leave that shit to bottom feeders.
Nothing good ever comes from shit you can easily share.

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Maybe check Yamada Non's work but they are untranslated

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nerdy twinks

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I'm taking hentai request here on my DA
Here's a link to one of my works!

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Can you draw Fuuma Monou from X/1999 like this stud?

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Poor boy

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Quoted By: >>2715245 >>2715246

Just a thread about juicy asses from guys in hentai you can post~.

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Since hentai guys are generic most of the time, in addition to their dicks being a lot of pixels. At least we can have an ass.

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It amazes me how good some male asses are in hentai. Good thing I'm bi so I don't have an issue with watching it.

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I'm gay but I have no problem watching straight hentai, granted if the guys are hot. Some purist faggots in this board would literally scream at the sight of a woman, even if they're not the main focus. I wonder if they loathe everyday in their lives knowing that they came out from a disgusting, unholy vagina.

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Preferably cuter guys rather than big buff dudes

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Quoted By: >>2720127

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ayyyy lmao

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File: 1MiB, 1500x1357, 1274363753063.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 412KiB, 900x1100, AraiHime39 - Couples Therapy.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 509KiB, 1000x1417, Dare_ni_mo_Ienai_Iroiro-goto_p01_ENG-1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Please post all Yaoi, Shota, and Twink pics/vids that you have to the link below <3

>> No.2715086

You first

>> No.2715092

Some.. Strange things have been posted... Not what i had exactly expected...

>> No.2715093
Quoted By: >>2715112

Honestly was expecting like cute yaoi/shota stuff but this is all hunk and weird alien sex XD

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>> No.2715112

No shota outside of /b/ you aspergic pedo

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