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Please post all Yaoi, Shota, and Twink pics/vids that you have to the link below <3

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You first

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Some.. Strange things have been posted... Not what i had exactly expected...

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Honestly was expecting like cute yaoi/shota stuff but this is all hunk and weird alien sex XD

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No shota outside of /b/ you aspergic pedo

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It's spring break, boys and girls! Let's get some hot beach yaoi!

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>"I just talked to them"
Uh huh. What's that supposed to mean?

Look at thread >>2719440 and compare it to the fireden archive. It's not even a CB thread but it had CB artwork that was selectively deleted from the thread.
Then you have >>2720996 , a CB thread with a stock photo you can find on Google images. That entire thread was removed too.

Random people can't make copyright infringement claims on behalf of another party, there is a formal process, and they have to email 4chans legal team. Some of the recently archived CB threads show the warnings they got for posting CB content.

>inb4 why don't they prove they are getting banned for it too?
Probably because their banned and can't post here, I dunno. But imagine making a thread for something you enjoy that's relevant to the board and getting banned for some legal bullshit

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It means I asked the copyright holders directly if they were authorizing and actively hunting these threads for some reason.
They said no. But they're not going to do anything about it. So I was like, ok. I'm not here to pursued you.

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>It means I asked the copyright holders directly.
No, you asked a bunch of randoms lol. Only person who responded to you who might be BLitz staff was because they had the 'scoutmaster' rank, and that could just mean their a discord janny.

I want to get to the bottom of this too, look out for a friend request from some random

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You think they might be in on it? They seem pretty incompetent for customer service. Telling people to email a receipt. Instead of confirming a order #.
I think they're attempting to dox people.

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Idk. Maybe. Is your name start with 'unc' on discord? If so, you should have received a friend request from whose name starts with "Blu". Add me if you want to talk about it there, might be better and easier than talking in this thread

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Hot men

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this boy only have 2 pics and he is the best looking character

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Here's more

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We will put this cute kitty here!

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I’m trying to become a full time freelance artist my art isn’t the greatest but critiques are needed when I do your request

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Try to think first in shapes, cubes, cilinders and spheres, draw them in a space, like rooms or others.
Check this guy. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCI8GDFj5BQCQrSHITFebzkA
And do what they told you before.

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Might as well try here:
Requesting the Shadow Henchman (right) riding Brutus like in the reference pic. Instead of the Henchman being barefoot you could but him in black dress socks.

(sorry if i dont have helpful art tips im not exactly an artist)

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Fags really do got low standards for porn, huh?

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Who the heck are you?

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You can't critique him until he's done something to critique.
Only 2 anons in this thread can read.

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>Hazbin Hotel

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>>2690113 Previous thread

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There already is a hazbin thread

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To celebrate friday the 13th, lets get some yaoi of characters in horror

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I can't read, and I can't write, but I can DANCE

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The question now are if they will get us fanny and fione counterpart (normal version of Lyle and Guy) we have the troll, and in past double legendary they put in boss we dont have for dont get us the counters




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@lehanan_aida on Twitter

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Does anyone have Neesawaah artwork?

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I have no idea what this is. Someone explain.

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Thread been gone for a while,
Anyboone have any of the recent and latest art ?
Especially since december 2019 please

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OP of the last 4 threads is back edition

Old thread hit bump limit again, so we move. Also added one of those "/.../" that other boards use because I don't spend all of my time wanking on this board, as well to make the thread more recognisable.

Like all of the other threads, no shota, no character threads, and no toxicity.

Formalities aside, enjoy!

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Nice to see another onepunchtitty fan

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best mha's ship

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>tfw no qt nephew with a pomadour to molest

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Images where the character begins as a weakling and ends as a mountain of muscles.
it doesn't matter how you get them.

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These are kinda hot.
Everything else in this thread is grotesque though.

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its just you like normal proportions, and its good, but some others like massive men with massive equipments UwU

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AKA: Post a story or question with your images, I just want a thread that has discussion in it.

You've been invited to an "underground hpyno fight club". You show the doorman your invite and he lets you in, you go down two flights of stairs into an viewing area. Theirs an attendant and an older man in a fancy coat with nude men lined up to meet him. The attendant informs you that the older man is the owner and a famous hypnotist, he tells you to look at the hypnotist as the next man approaches him, the hypnotist leans in and whispers into the man in the front of the line. The man starts roaring and his body hulks out with muscle, his stance becoming aggressive and brutish. The nude titan smiles and stomps forward to the changing room. The coated man notices you and comes to greet you.

"Hello! you must be the new guy! I've invited you to spectate a few fights tonight, and to consider letting me hypnotize you. The men say they LOVE letting loose as those massive beasts, and I know how to unlock the masculinity hidden in a mans mind." The nude men wave and smile at you, excited to transform.

The attendant leads you to the spectating room, where you watch two huge beasts like the grown man earlier fight, they throw their weight around with energy and might, and eventually start fucking too. They look completely engaged and satisfied by the fight.

What would you do? Join the men, remain a viewer, or leave?

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Hi everyone.

I can't find any yaoi doujinshi about the wonderful Shinso from My Hero Academia. Do you guys know where to find some ? Do you have titles, samples or links to share ? Pairing doesn't matter, really... at this point I'm not picky aha

Thanks !

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Where’s this from?

>> No.2714151


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This, multiple character specific threads for one series are looked down upon

>> No.2714894

or mind control if thats what you wanted as well!

>> No.2714943

Delete this and check the catalog next time.

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I found a cover of a Fire Emblem three houses doujin, does anyone know where I can buy/find it?

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Let's get some lovely couples here

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In celebration for the remake. Other Final Fantasy guys are welcomed too.

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How does anyone get off to that garbage.

>> No.2721944

In all my years on God's green earth have I've not seen fanart more disgusting looking than this. Honestly what the fuck were they thinking?

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File: 1MiB, 1500x1920, 3553466 - Cloud_Strife Final_Fantasy_VII killy_stein.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>old art
Sakimichan is probably a lesbian

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Quoted By: >>2718625

Post those sexy four-eyes

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>> No.2719792



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any pics from the new gay harem event

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Something about this really gets me going but boy are good drawings hard to find. Help me out plz

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one of my personal favs

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Quoted By: >>2713464 >>2713475

Probably a dumb question, but does anyone know why dark skinned guys are usually drawn wearing leopard underwear? Don't take me wrong, it's very hot, but I just wonder why. I've never seen a white guy with this kind of underwear. Is this some sort of weird kink or what?

Here an example.

>> No.2713445


>> No.2713464

Yeah I've seen that... but it's weird that I've seen it in a lot of straight hentai doujinshis by horny mobs... maybe that kind of leopard underwear is used by womanizer playboys or gangster? Idk...

>> No.2713475
File: 350KiB, 1000x652, 69968986_p0_master1200.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>2713501

>never seen a white guy with this kind of underwear
I immediately thought of this Gilgamesh pic

>> No.2713486
File: 540KiB, 362x855, vers.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Leopard print is often asscociated with prostitution or being a 'playboy' character and I guess dark skin also correlates with this because it's the jap male version of gal culture. So it's become a visual trend

>> No.2713501
File: 1MiB, 1271x1803, illust_64369770_20200310_002700.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thanks for the pic lol

I made some "researches" and there are few white guys who wear this type of underwear. An example is Mondo Oowada from Danganronpa, so maybe it's really something related to "being a gangster". I wish this thing had a name because I find it very hot

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