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I seriously can't watch Free without getting a boner and jerking off everytime.

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It's ALOT more men dude. In Japan yaoi is more popular among women, but in the English speaking world it's male dominated.

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It's ALOT more men dude. In Japan yaoi is more popular among women, but in the English speaking world it's male dominated.

You can also usually tell by an image whether or not a man or a woman drew it. Women tend to greatly feminize men.

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Also since this is a male themed board, regardless of the consumer no one wants to hear about nasty ass pussy juices, women aren't even supposed to be in any of the images. No one wants to think of female anatomy or sexual responses while visiting here.

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sage. get over words, losers.

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Can't we pretend women are not a thing in this place though?
Shits are disgusting and nobody really likes them anyways.

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Ive lost gallons of cum to top zoro, but law x luffy is hot too

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Love this image, although I wish the feet were drawn a tad better, for some reason a lot of artists will get a bit sloppy or lazy when it comes to the hands and feet.

The worst though is when people get sloppy with the cock, which thankfully is not at issue here.

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Somewhat related question is the One Piece video game any good?

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Do you keep said cum?

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Anybody can help find anymore of this comic? Just the sex parts? I really can't afford the tokens and Facebook ads keep teasing me. If not more bara!

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Disembodied dicks all lined up to compare size and shape. Bonus points for measurements or faces included.

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This reminds me, where's that Final Fantasy penis comparison chart?

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Sauce on your pic?

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Fuck, I remember seeing this years and years ago

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Weird, if one of them had to be circumcised i'd have always said it would be Sokka

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Id say Zuko

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BDSM thread

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source please?

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any Selene and Helios

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*gets banned*

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Share pics of characters that are always portrayed as tops bottoming.

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Ikr? I've actually been listening to few audio drama's and stuff that have Haru's voice as an uke recently.

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I wonder if anyone has some decent Tomoaki Maeda bottoming art, this is about all I could find.

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Ahh, the actual thing that's stopping me from reading killing stalking is that the psyco guy never gets his ass fucked

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Not enough

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Hey guys, this keeps showing up on my Facebook and I thought maybe one of yous have them in jpg? My Penis thanks you, happy fapping.

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No. B)

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Fuck off

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It's from an erotic webcomic called Liebling

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Last Thread >>2810407

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Thanks bunches

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modding seems to be very limited compared to skyrim

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Every game is mod-limited compared to skyrim.

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Homestuck still gives me chills

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aye the people have spoken alien dick it is.

as a side note would centaur equius be allowed im not lookin to get a vacay from here.

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More importantly OP aka autistic spamfag ruined the board for almost a year now.

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first time I've seen an HS thread on /y/ wonder why nobody made one earlier

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>hamstick started almost 12 years ago

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ive seen em before on here just not that often

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I need more of Angemon<3

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unfortunately /y/ has a retarded hallway monitor that'll report digimon threads as "furry" or "shota" or sometimes "Photos of real people". Any excuse to delete the thread and ban the poster.

So I recommend finding a different image board and letting the cheese stand alone.

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disappointed there wasn't already one of these going

anyone have a download for the mac version of the game btw?

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There hasn't been for almost a year really the shitty attitude of the creator just killed everyone's mood.

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havent really paid attention to this game in over a year, recently remembered that i never finished it and yeah

understandable though, sucks the creators such an ass it was a good game

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does anyone have a dump of all the most recent pictures that we havent gotten since?

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When’s the camp councillor route coming out

>> No.2832986

Literally all on Myreadingmanga .info

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Please share pictures of mature men with sukable tiddies. Lactation is a bonus, not really necessary.

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Fucking gross

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6 images or to the gulag with you, request fag cocksucker.

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Wearing Small Tops

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Characters who don’t get enough bottom porn?

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Will we have someday a Bara-only board free of these hideous twinks for fujoshis?

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How come most muscle fags seem to be into dogs too?

>> No.2832869

It's not just barafags. There's degenerate furries across all fandoms. Dogs, bears, dragons, and any other creatures that are big just lend themselves to barafags. Then there's wolves, lizards, rats, etc. that are usually smaller and usually cater to people who like twinks.

>> No.2832870

are future trunks and zoro considered bara?

>> No.2832891

No, because then you guys will start being picky as to who or what is bara to begin with, so at least we can just have a board full of gay dudes, which is a lot easier to figure out whether an image involves men fucking or not.

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I just want a barachan back as an imageboard, discord sucks to navigate through and you can't have specific threads.

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Hello, I have kind of a strange question but back on Y!Gallery I used to be friends with this fairly famous Yaoi artist called MJEsperandieu and they made a Kronk version of this Hercules pinup for me. I wonder if anyone has it, knows where to contact this guy or anything! I'll post some of his other work.

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That's all I've got. Have fun y'all.

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Quoted By: >>2832664 >>2832686

Pics or manga caps of men getting there eggs fertilized or impreg mentions, a turn on but very rare to find.

PS. No anal birth, that's a whole nother level.

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What is the manga from OP?

>> No.2832686


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Women who self insert like to make male characters feel more "familiar" to them so is easier to relate.

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I think I've just found my newest turn-on.

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SK? ???????

Post some yaoi.

Image source: https://poipiku.com/1965305/3734890.html

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Password please!


>> No.2834862

There is some art on Twitter.
Search in Japanese

>> No.2834865

Wow. Langa is riding reki and the skateboard at the same time?

>> No.2834881

90% of the time poipiku passwords are "yes".

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Tite Kubo, thank you for giving me my earliest gay fantasies

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I just want pics of buff daddy levi

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Quoted By: >>2832109


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Quoted By: >>2832110


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>> No.2832118

This is a porn board, newfag, if you wanna dump sfw go to /cm/

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