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Super back into TWD again and I cannot get enough of Negan and Rick, so I'm desperately in need of new stuff
Any other TWD content is gladly welcome

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Less of Rick, more of Carl.

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Having a hard time finding some good ones

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Yo. I draw big, big gay butts. Drop character suggestions.

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Nope. I skimmed through and looked at sexy images.Was I talking to you? Are you going to be helpful or another angry 4chan loser?

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ah, we got a shitposter. nobody's really interested anymore tho but keep the thread alive, it's your time to shine

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The only shitposter is you, dumb fuck. I'm interested in following the artist. Not listening to some angry queen who can't mind his business.

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lol but the angry queen is you, you're bumping this clearly inactive thread on purpose whenever it's about to die and what for? Artist left long ago, you didn't even read the thread so you're doing this for another reason.

Here you go, the artist's site so you can follow it https://www.furaffinity.net/user/filthyopossum/
Now go the fuck away.

Besides, you posted your request in the drawthread anyway, don't pretend you're not obvious with your reactions and the characters you always ask for. Let's see what's your next insult now and don't forget to bump the thread when it reaches page 10 again.

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Wow thanks you could of literally just posted that from the start and moved on instead of dragging out this petty convo. Also I think you have me confused for someone else because literally a couple of days ago was the first time I posted in this thread and visited 4chan in months. Next time don't make assumptions.

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Let's make a thread of these cute boys

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and another

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and the third

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Does this work with Fap CEO? I really need infinite diamonds un that game

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Yall have the new phone fling guy's (Finn) uncensored ver yet? He's cute

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I haven't played that game, i don't know.

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Its officially my birthday! Please post sports anime men to help me celebrate!

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Happy birthday, OP! I hope you have a good one!

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please share this or more

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I sure as he'll would.

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Its from a straight comic. And thus should not be on here.
My Mother and Sister Are Size Queen Sluts

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Also proof Pagans and Chadristians can cooperate.

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I've been looking for it for more than a year.

It's a comic in which is a huge muscular black haired man in a karate outfit fucks and is fucked by a younger blonde guy.

They are both training for karate or something and end up having sex and the cover is something like this:
(The blonde guy is covering the ass of the big one so we can't see it)

I saw it uploaded once to MyReadingManga but it got removed and I don't even remember the name, pls help!

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i can't help but i appreciate your diagram

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Robokeh - Pushing to the limits

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File: 304KiB, 933x1186, Robokeh-Danganronpa-???????-Pushing-to-the-Limits-Nekomaru-Nidai-????-x-Fuyuhiko-Kuzuryu-?????-01.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]



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LIking the art style. It kinda reminds me of that's men Mentaiko manga with the wrestlers lol.

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Oh yeah!

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Resident Evil

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Since the other thread has reach its limit.

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Fuck man you almost had me think this was a jungle man/loincloth thread. Goddammit

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It could be

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game made with rpg maker there is on steam and itchio

anyone has it or can share it ?

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here another

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Hi there! Does anyone know the artist or know artists with that kind of style?

Have a nice day / night :3

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Have we had one of these before?

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yaoi hands

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It's always nice finding a vampire and forcing him to be your "girl" for awhile before killing him.

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Well if this is a Skyrim and/or Elder Scroll thread, post seven pics to start. Pretty hot scene.

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We got a CGI/Animation dump for Max Gentlemen Sexy Business yet?

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I use cheat engine to got money, gold and stats for the fights

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Yhose are the cgs, you have some options and dates, but yeah it lacks of cgs

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Not a single male ass CG either?

Lame af

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There's some, but they haven't shared it. They're all in black & white

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Heteros made it

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Sup! Does anyone haves Naruto yaoi pics to share with me? Naruto Solo, Kiba Solo, Boruto solo, Naruto x, Boruto x Naruto, Kiba X Naruto?

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>Stealth shotafag thread
You already got a thread deleted stop trying faggot, read the fucking rules.

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Hey no need to be rude, i read them and what i’m asking is in the rules, This is yaoi, and their isn’t shota

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I always thought it was censored, or maybe just the version I saw had all the dicks just whited out.

>> No.2710308


on gumroad it says the pictures are uncensored

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Hey there! I’m looking for Naruto characters shota pics!

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.This place is flip floppy on shota and everything else read the rules damn it.

.Go look around on R34 or pixiv.

.Also if you can delete this topic.

>> No.2709828

"this place" thinks shota means "little boys", bara means "Buff men", and the board's catalog is some of serve-yourself order menu.

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Nothing to see here folks, just the average Narutards being the absolutely fucking worst.

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Does anyone haves +18 pics, fan arts of the Sexy Naruto Hokage x Boruto?

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>> No.2709810

Please more!

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