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What is wrong with you?

4chan has a built-in reverse image search function. It took me two seconds to find the source of that particular image using it. Please use that first before asking for source.

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Just stop being a pissy bitch, for christ's sake.

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Are they going to give each guy their own section in the gallery and name the scenes so we know what we're missing? This is ridiculous. Hopefully in an update.

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Are the 2 crack scenes animated or going to be animated? Someone should ask them.

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Pleaseee I need the story where they're now grandpas.

Pref. happy, not Life Senjou heart to the shredders.

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golden kamuy

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Yeah it's kinda weird how they have all those sanctions against anon.

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Quoted By: >>2712609

There was a similar thread (though it vanished) where someone posted anime pics (dunno which anime) of several guys in an onsen/ bathhouse. I'm desperately trying to find these pics. If someone knows or remembers these pics pls repost.

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I'm mostly looking for Teen Wolf but SPN, etc. Are also welcome. With tumblrs porn ban it's hard to find.

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>follow my arbitrary rules so I maintain an illusion of control.
It'll fall off the board faster if you hide threads and ignored it like a sane person. But that's not your game, is it?

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I fucking COOM though I felt pretty bad for him at the end. Also can somebody post more screenshots or a compilation?

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God I wanna read it so bad

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Everytime I saw this image thumbnail, I thought it was of Quicksilver in his X-Men movieverse design.

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