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Case and point

Here we have individuals that have imposed themselves in a topic. They're not here to contribute to the topic, they're here tear it apart. Because they think they're bigger than it. Like a Sadistic Kaiju.
At least that's what they want to do. But I'm sure you can see the fallacy of "I don't understand, but you're wrong" or "your point doesn't exist if I can't see it". Their motivation is an open book.

Have you ever looked at Macro Porn and wondered what was "sexy" about humping a building? This goes back to sadism and how sadists are often depicted with a mental disability. They desire to be part of society, and the thing framing society is civilization. The cities, the architecture. But sadly there's no niche for them. But making a big commotion generates the same attention. What they want is not to be ignored.

The lack of self-awareness compounds poor expression. Like the Ghostboy & Diablo comic fails to lay the ground work to make Diablo's Mitosis a significant event. My friend writing the Kaiju fiction fails outline the significance of a kaiju destroying his own reflect in a tower building. It has his face, but it's not his "point". Perhaps it's confirmation bias, or pretension, that takes the context of the story for granted.

We know Godzilla represents nuclear fallout because the story frames with dialogue of atomic bomb tests in the beginning.
We know Pacific Rim represent the threat of global warming, because that kaiju are categorized like hurricanes, getting bigger and more frequent.

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Here's an OCs nobody cares about.

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