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There's some verbal irony in identifying the "petit a" of a Macro Fetish.
But there's is challenges in laying the foundations of a Macro Fetish Drama that ends in a giant fuck everything up.

In Monsters Vs Aliens, the unity of action (Aristotle's Poetics) surrounding the giant woman is that it started with her wedding day. She was figuratively a big deal before she was a literal big deal.

How you'd spin that for an erotica drama is a challenge. If we assume the drama ends with a giant nutting over a city. How do you formulate the beginning? What is the framework? The "petit a"? If you're working with a sadistic character then that's easy. They want to be the "petit a", the candy
wrapper. The face on the billboard selling a product. Or more abstractly, the giant with their "produce" everywhere.

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