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This is the place to post your own OCs and even non OC art if you just want to show your skills and ask for help.

Constitutive criticism is encouraged,when asked for it.

>Feel free to talk about your OC's!
>CM is ok if you want to show off your art and OC's
>Requests are for the draw thread,not here

Last thread:

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This comes from a game the artist is working on!
The demo is playable on https://www.odyssianblaze.com/en

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i'm insecure about my drawings but i still try, here a recent wip

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psyched for doom eternal.
I usually use references for body alignment, in this case it's >>2691316

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>i have no feet and i must catwalk

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Drew something a bit more lewd, hopefully it looks appealing

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Recently i took the courage of drawing more of my male OCs and bl. i Drew this a while ago, but i felt it was a little rique for /cm/. My lovely oc Ani, that i created for a humanoid monster x human yaoi comic. A great inspiration for this is the manga Madk.

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I like your lineart, are you gonna color him?
I love this style, it reminds me of early 00s shoujo manga
How do you do your lighting so nicely :o

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Lurker here, just gathered the confidence to post lol

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Thank you anon! About the lighting, I always have the basic tones down during the painting phase but I occasionally use references, mix n matching them for the parts that are trickier to shade purely from memory alone
That's a very neat artstyle, I really like the color choices

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Do you have twitter?

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was on last thread I think

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Thank you, I'm gonna follow you, I might ask if we can DM each other

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Not very talkative, unless it is about art n stuff

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Wow this is great, do you have pixiv or twitter?

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Do you take request?

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Finally some tasty fucking food

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not bad! if you got a twitter I'll follow.

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First time drawing a lewd of a femboy asshole I dreamed of a while ago.

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Finished pic from last thread

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i wonder whose photo this grimy nasty boy is looking at

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Less clothes version

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Imperial Japanese Army... as a WW2 nerd I kinda feel conflicted... but still hawt.

Showa-Tenno please don't kill me...

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Got curious because its a lewded IJA soldier. Any backstory and info of this OC?

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Yes thank you I've been waiting for more of him

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good eye ;) I have a thing for IJA lads, oops.
Well, Junpei's in his early-ish 20s, used to work at his family's business making wagashi, but he joined up in '44 because he knew he was probably gonna get drafted soon anyways, besides, nobody's really buying tea ceremony sweets during that time. He's just kinda a dumb virgin who just wants a GF. There's more, but IDK what else you guys wanna know about him...

Ahh thank you I'm so glad people like him!

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Hmmmm do you take any sort of requests? Just a small thing, that cute boy being "asked" to kiss a patron and looking embarrassed about it.

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Well I guess I'm not alone for having a thing with IJA dudes. I even fantasize Bakugou in such uniform at times.

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Agree, what got to me was the uniform and glasses a great combination

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Thanks :) I really love those dorky round glasses from back then, I think they're cute. Glasses and buzzcut is based.
I never got into BNHA, unfortunately I find bakugou really insufferable. Other than that, good taste. There really isn't a lotta content out there unfortunately ;_;

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I don't draw NSFW that often, and I'm debating whether to post it on my main pixiv or somewhere else. I don't want my normal friends to be bombarded with WEIRD HORNY, but I don't draw enough to make it worth making a new account or a private twitter.

I really didn't expect such a positive response! I love those oldschool round glasses, they're so cute. Glasses and buzzcut is based.
I never got into BNHA, I find bakugou pretty insufferable, but other than that good taste, it's a shame there's so little content out there :(

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idk why i love the Look Over The Shoulder And Show Ass position so much but here's another

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Man I love all your OC designs, they're all so creative! Tell me about him...

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I like the mean mug he has!

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Thread's over.

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How about we all collectively stop replying to him.

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thank u so much!! he's a benign stalker operating under the delusion that he's a yokai called a tofu kozo. isn't dangerous, just creepy. follows people home on rainy days to leave tofu on their porch and endlessly hover around you being cheerful and clingy until you either fuck him or beat the shit out of him.

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Seriously I wish you posted your OCs somewhere, I wanna see them all

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Thank you so much! Being the owner of a run down restaurant will make you a little cynical looking. I'm glad you like him!

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that's really nice of you. i'll really consider it if i do make more art. basically all the art i've made recently exists on these threads, so there isn't much you haven't already seen lol

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That's actually a really good idea

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I originally did this for the drawthread but realized too late that it didn't really fit the anon's request.

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Thinking about coloring this in sometime later.

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Never stop posting, You are the only reason I come to this board anymore.

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t.Gains Goblin

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Hi, it me sorta.. A gift for muh followers huehue

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lmao, thanks, i didn't plan on it

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ahhh so cute, I wanna squish him

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This is my first illustration of one of my OCs, any suggestions or advice? I'm still very rookie so... I appreciate all your support. My Twitter is @BadaleeBuvelle. Thanks in advance for all the support

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Nothing like a cute chubby guy, very nice drawing

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Not gonna lie, your shitdisgusts me as much as the ugly mugs from Goblin. The fact you oppened a thread for your ocs on /cm/ doesn't help the matter at all.

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Thank you

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Colored ver.

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my succubus oc (i like the idea that succubi are bottoms while incubi are tops instead of just being gender specific lol)

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Aren't succubus females and incubus males thought? Like, by mithology?

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Aren't succubus females and incubus males thought? Like, by mythology?

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yes but i explained in this post >>2712149 for why i call him that

pic not related

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Doesn’t exist?

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God, you have a real chip on your shoulder over nothing, huh?

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I am VERY interested in seeing more.

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Imagine fapping to fat fucks

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ahh im flattered! drew this today, i have more stuff on my twitter https://twitter.com/RavioliLizzyoli

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If I remember correctly The word "Succubi" means "The one who lays below" and The word "Incubi" means "The one who lays above" So there is merit to this idea. I kinda prefer the gender-pecific names, but it's not like it's a big deal either way.

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What does not exist? If you say on my Twitter, it's @Badaleebuvelle . The point is added by the autocorrector

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Imagine being this salty over drawn men

>> No.2712371

They aren’t my cup of tea, but I can just ignore what I don’t like like an adult.

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My apologies, the first time I searched it, I just got “This account does not exist” I found it now.

>> No.2712379

Do you happen to have a Twitter or other account somewhere else? I wanna follow more of Junpei.

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It was my mistake to put the period at the end of my user, an apology.

>> No.2712432

The point at the end of the user. * (The autocorrector played a trick on me)

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Jesus fucking Christ you're still here?

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Celebratory artwork because Friday falls on the 13th this month

>> No.2713976

Give @ .

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maybe so.

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I have fish alien
I want to draw lewds of him but I can't decide on his dick shape (he has two of them)

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He’s really cute. Have any social media or art blogs? For his dick shape, I’m imagining shark claspers but slightly more veiny

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the gains goblin has ascended

>> No.2714760

Well, look up what people do with Sidon.

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drew another one of this dude

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cum and hear the song of slaanesh

>> No.2714951

Spite does that sometimes

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Your hate only makes him stronger

>> No.2715042

His autism does that already.

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Thanks. I try to keep my animal-based designs non-furry
I do have a twitter account but I draw weird stuff, sometimes non yaoi
Anyways here's more fish

>> No.2715572
Quoted By: >>2715711

I’m fine with weird. I follow to appreciate the art style even more. If you’re fine with providing your username then I’d gladly follow

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Bitch you wish you were as relevant as Goblin

>> No.2715709
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Shut up, Goblin.

>> No.2715711

ok here @mmm0pan

>> No.2715720

Can't expect anything better from anyone who still uses facebook

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Great because of you guys saying "GOBLIN" all the time I now want to draw sexy goblins!

The only sexy goblins I can think of are the ones from "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime".

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did somebody say sexy goblin?

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You were this fucking close to posting something interesting again.

>> No.2715942

Made to power bottom

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Quoted By: >>2716119

So random question, any good artists/writers here who want to team up and create a visual novel?

>> No.2716119

>Ideas guy
Either you make shit yourself or you keep those ideas within you because teaming up with strangers never works.

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>> No.2716222

No shota outside of /b/ trapfag

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Finished this earlier

>> No.2716314 [DELETED]
File: 2MiB, 1614x2441, takoyaki boi.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

i want octopussy

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just finfihed this im open to criticism

>> No.2716794
Quoted By: >>2716818

The face is the biggest turn off I've ever seen

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Quoted By: >>2716811

here's a redline, I left in the construction lines as a guide, i think the pose is good. I would also recommend starting out with cell-shading if you're a beginner to colouring. (you should resize images before uploading as well)

>> No.2716811

yeah ill stick to cell shading for now, ty for the help.

>> No.2716818

it's a Jojo character. My criticism to the artist is to not draw Jojo characters, since they're all ugly.

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File: 223KiB, 403x461, ayylmao_VII.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Doom Eternal finally came out so my demon fetish came back lmoa

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File: 977KiB, 896x1024, ayylmao vii.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>2718881

Doom Eternal came out so my demon fetish came back lmoa

also had to repost with better resolution

>> No.2717049

Well, do we get so see the squeeze?

>> No.2717098
Quoted By: >>2717211

If they're at least human height, doesn't that basically make them skinnier orcs?

>> No.2717159
File: 2MiB, 1000x1500, finn_by_finnfoxxx.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

By finnfoxxx on twitter; he's pretty new but I'm loving his stuff so far

>> No.2717183
File: 2MiB, 1200x1790, vik.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.2717211

It's from japan so they have pig orcs

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File: 141KiB, 1693x1795, terenc.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 2MiB, 1190x1540, akio and spooky ghosts.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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I painted this entirely on edibles

>> No.2718727
Quoted By: >>2718907

hes a cutie

>> No.2718738
Quoted By: >>2718907

i wish i was this productive on edibles
the boy looks also fine

>> No.2718881

I love all of the Little Details in this image, especially the Sulphur symbol on that cutie’s temple.

>> No.2718907

Funny thing is these past few days I've learned I'm actually a lot more productive on them rather than off (at least with art)
Thank you!! He is currently the OC I am most obsessed with atm

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Quoted By: >>2718939

drawpile stuff

>> No.2718939

>Blinding bangs
I see you're a man of culture as well...

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Hi frens

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I drew this recently, what do you think, i hope its appealing, im trying to develop that aspect

>> No.2719153
Quoted By: >>2719236

No shota outside of /b/, fag

>> No.2719164
Quoted By: >>2719182 >>2719236

Pretty cute, but yeah. No shota on /y/. An imgur link is fine though.
Though if you "confirm" they're 16 or older....

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robo guy with a big one :^

>> No.2719182

They still look like little kids anon, the only shit that flies here is like, shonen shit muscle and proportions where the head aint that big compared to the body.

>> No.2719184
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>> No.2719236
Quoted By: >>2719362

I didnt want them to look that young, i actually wanted them to look like 16-17, how can i make them look older?
@byrgendraw on twitter

>> No.2719315
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First Try doing Muscular...

>> No.2719362
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Basic proportion understanding

>> No.2719421
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Just playing araund with some effects and trying to visualize the next threat for my PCs.

>> No.2719434
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>> No.2719591
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You know, I gotta wonder, who the fuck came up with the idea of measuring body size by using heads as a measuring unit?

>> No.2719622

It's the biggest part of our body and has what we see the world. Most of the time, your body is usually evenly measured by your head size.

>> No.2719812
Quoted By: >>2719890

>the head proportion meme

Have you measured adult male people based on their head size?

They are between 6 - 7 their heads size not 8 much less 9 heads.

The """ideal""" proportion only aplies apparently on sculptures for perspective purposes and not everyone of them.

>> No.2719813
Quoted By: >>2720205

consider the philosophy: it's possible to survive with only a head (theoretically) but if you remove the head there's no brain and you're not conscious. so basically the only thing you can really say is "you" is your head. thus, head is perhaps the only true reliable unit of measurement, especially when trying to capture the human spirit in your art.

>> No.2719851
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Get yo covid /y/aoishitters

>> No.2719852

I'm pozzed

>> No.2719886
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>> No.2719890

Just ignore the whole ideal height shit and look at how distinct all figures look bassed on how the head measures to the body proportions, smartass.
But be my guest, keep accidentally drawing toddlers.

>> No.2720005


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I have returned with another one

>> No.2720205
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Might as well just say that your body, brain included isn't you, you're just the software running on it, soul or not.

>> No.2720206

That's nice and well made, but that boy better be able to deepthroat that dick, it ain't even big enough for him to gag desu.

>> No.2720264

If I get my body replaced 100% by machinery and upload my concious to a literal hardrive to use that body, would it still be me?
Or would I be just a spirit haunting an empty husk?
Nothing but a ghost in a shell?

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>> No.2720385


>> No.2720653
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Do you have somewhere that isn't twitter where i can find your stuff?

>> No.2720689
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>> No.2720787

i have a furaffinity and a newgrounds i haven't updated in a while

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now this is what i like to see

>> No.2721315
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>> No.2721373
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Noice. Blog and/or more?

>> No.2721390
Quoted By: >>2721402

no offense but i am starving to death

>> No.2721402
Quoted By: >>2721496

So do I, but I would feel like a piece of shit if I made people give me money just just to show my loop sided dicks...
How the fuck do you all do it?

>> No.2721496

hey thanks!
Nobody is making them pay for anything. If you'd feel like shit for making a profit off of your work then that's your own problem lol

>> No.2721499

mintypresh on twitter. This is a one-off, though, didn't really plan to make more pages at the time.

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