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Do any other anons do this?
I'll find one or two VA's and track them like crazy:
I prefer bottoms but I usually find they've done tops too.
Post 18+ CGs of characters that have the same voice actor, what they're in, and the character's name. (No, it doesn't have to look like mine, I did that out of boredom.)
Also if they've done other BL media like Ova's or drama cd's you can post that.

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I know Furukawa's been in at least one drama cd called "Secret Corruption" a demo of it can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN7CeW1WvOk

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you wouldn't happen to have a clip of the Kanojo one would you? Cus i really wish i could find a vid of the gameplay but i can't find one.

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Do you have any suggestions for some good free video capture programs? If not I might be able to rip some of the audio and share some of the CGs if you'd like.

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I've seen the CGs actually its just that I tried to install the game but that didn't work out so...
I kinda just want to hear his words.
Maybe Bandicam? Idk anything else. Sorry.

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Alright, I'll see if I can get it to work and post a video tomorrow.

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Was there any particular scene you wanted my to record?

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these four scenes i think.
Though where are you going to post the videos though? when you post videos here on 4chan it doesn't support sound...

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oh uh could you include this first being raped one too?
cus i think this has the best reaction...

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Alright, I'll probably post it on pornhub or some kind of adult video site then just link to it from here.

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I know Tetsuya Kakihara has been in BL games and CDs but I'm not sure if any of the games were adult.

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Was having trouble with ph so I'm gonna see if xhamster will post it. I'll holler at you in a little while.

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His name is familiar, I'll check into it later.

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>Tetsuya Kakihara
He does Akihito Takaba (the uke) in both the Ova's and BLCDs (both are pretty explicit). I'm pretty sure he's done other BLCDs too.

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Here's the gangbang scene:


I tried to put the settings on the game to get through it swiftly but not skip any of the spoken dialogue. The rape part was over and it missed Reiji's last sentence but you didn't miss anything major.
I'll record the other scenes soon.

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I broke the next part in two so it was easier to catch all the dialogue:


First part has a blowjob scene before Reiji's mind snaps.
Second part has MC raping and then urinating in him.

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Oh damn I completely managed to overlook that, thank you anon!

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No problem. Like I said, I love tracking the VA's. :)

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These are really great~!
I just wish this could get translated so I could read it. Oh well at least the voice acting is super good and lewd~!

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That reminds me.
Do you happen to know which part Reiji becomes dependent on the MC's dick/becomes lovey dovey with the MC?

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I would love to see it translated too, and yeah I can post those too. They actually kinda start in the next scene but when MC makes Reiji crossdress his mind completely shatters.

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This is scene 4, scene 5 is the vibrator, and 6 is the first crossdressing scene.
I didn't put scene 1 because it's basically how all this started: with Reiji having consensual sex with MC's girlfriend and MC catching them in the act.


First part is Reiji being forced to masturbate on camera (screen capture was off slightly on the left side, sorry about that).
Second part is MC raping him again.

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I'll turn MC's girlfriends voice off but do you guys care if she's a shadow or just a normal woman? It's optional so if you want I can completely turn her "off."

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could you also link the post-mindbreak scenes please ? seeing guys transformed into total cumsluts with no way back to normality is my absolute favourite

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Yeah, I'm planning to. There seems to be several people enjoying watching it.

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i think turning her off completely would be better.
I love this too. especially if the dude is big and bad and a smaller guy doms him

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Alright, I'll have the next part up soon.

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I went and looked up the other character's names.
So part 5, this one is shorter:


Kouta (MC) forces Reiji to use a vibrator while talking to Mayu (Kouta's cheating gf). I shadow-fied her so we get to avoid her upskirt shot.

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You guys alright with me taking a break for the night? There's still 3 scenes left and a little bonus I have planned that I think you guys are going to like.

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thank u v much anon! but where is the crossdressing full on brain shatter begging-for-more-cock-juice scene im trying to bust a nut to that shit before bed time fr fr

ur efforts are deeply appreciated <3

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Sure, please take a break~!

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ah shit pls give us scene 6 before you log off! anon it would markedly improve my shitty week

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I'll give you a teaser for part 6, the first part. Ok?

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sure :3

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Scene 6 Part 1


Reiji wears a girls P.E. uniform and gives Kouta a blowjob.

And for those not into the urine stuff don't worry, it doesn't carry over to Part 2.

Good night anons!

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damn this voice actor's a freak for taking all these kinky sub roles

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I wonder what gets a Male Voice actor to do Yaoi roles. Money? Secretly homosexual? Thee idea of thousands of women getting off to your voice with another man?
Someone needs to research this damn it.

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Morning anons!

Scene 6 Part 2


Reiji, still in girls P.E. uniform, rides Kouta while trying to convince himself he's not gay even while SCREAMING in pleasure. Ahegao and serious mindbreak ensue.

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Scene 7


Reiji has pretty much accepted that he's now Kouta's sex toy and decides to put on a cam show for him and an audience of others though with a very feminine disguise.

One scene left and I'll probably post it and the bonus together soon.

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Scene 8 Final


Reiji dresses up in really skimpy lingerie and has wild sex with Kouta. Mayu interrupts their fun yelling and crying at what both are doing and they ignore her. Reiji continues to praise Kouta's "equipment" and is begging to keep feeling good.

And for the included bonus -
It's part of the crossdress ending from the VN "Ego to Koukai no Dilemma," I included it because it's once again Ooshita Kouta (Reiji!) voicing the bottom so if you liked hearing his moans and squeals you'll probably get a kick out of this. (The ending is more on the sweet side but hey at least it's something extra.)
I skipped a bit of the tops dialogue to get through it faster, he's voiced by Furukawa Tetsuto if anyone is interested.

Enjoy anons!

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Hiro Shimono
Tsubasa Yonaga

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Thanks for all of this~!
I was wondering what happened in the end? Did Kouta dump Reiji or something?

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No prob.
I think he may have but I can't understand Japanese well enough to say I'm 100% sure.

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we need subtitles...

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Yep, I wish one of the English translator's or fans would pick it up but I don't think the game is very well known.

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that's true. it's not as well known as the other ones but if we can manage to get this game around i'm sure someone will do it... although most people will know it as a cg set or in the manga version of it... they probably might not know it was a game in the first place.

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What do you have in mind to spread it? I wouldn't mind trying to help.

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Well not much. We should post the videos on a video site first. Pornhub would have been the best one to do before but now we can't go there. So other options I guess like Xvideos or something.

Also probably a full playthrough of the game too and not just the sex scenes so the entire story could get translated.

Other than these I don't have much else to think of to help.

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The manga is also exclusively for Japanese, so the meaning is clear only approximately.

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I have the Manga images it's just that it shortens the things from the game into a manga format mostly. So it's not as extensive as the whole game...

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But even manga in English will be much better than dreams.

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Reading his moans and mind break into a slut in the game would be fucking awesome but we get what we can take.

Should I post the Manga images here btw if yall want them?

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In English or Japanese? If the first option, then yes

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Let him go ahead even if it's in Japanese. Maybe some anon that can translate will see it.

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It's in Japanese.

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well here they are. 29 pages so this'll take a while.

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There. all 29 pages of the manga version. also because at the end of page 29 made me question if Kouta did dump Reiji or something because of the expression he had. since i can't read Japanese idk.

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I think that he really abandoned "her" because the rape and subsequent transformation into a lustful bitch was not an act of love, but a punishment, depriving the rival of his male pride.

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Well that's a shame. Even though Reiji cucked Kouta I'd still keep him as my "girlfriend" since there's no hecking way I'd throw such a prime muscle slut.

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He wanted a girlfriend, not just a lustful ass to dump sperm. He's not gay, he just punished the depraved guy for his lust.

>> No.2837649

You got a point I guess.

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I do kinda feel sorry for Reiji but yeah, I'm pretty sure he's the type that was bragging about having sex with Mayu directly to Kouta.

I''ve found some doujinshi based on this game but unfortunately most of it involves a futa Mayu with Reiji. Not sure where that came in.

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How he felt when his rival fucked him in the ass and then urinated there. And made him endure until his ass unclenched

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Have some more Reiji related pics.

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Sexy Kouta

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We seemed to hit a jackpot with fanart.

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