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Larger than life cocks!

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You have to share a minimum of six pictures for a thread, anon. This is a big kink of mine, so I'm glad it is on here rather than on /d/.

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Come on, I KNOW there's more of you here into this. Don't let this go nowhere.

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I thought hyper dicks were too far into /d/ territory, but I'll gladly contribute if it's ok for /y/

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Man whatever happened to this guy

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They're not. People just always try too damn hard to *force* it to be separated, but more gays come here than to /d/ and /d/ is overloaded with straight and female and futa stuff. I feel male-focused /d/ style kinks should stay here.

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I agree, and looking over the post from the mod it only mentions non-cis males not being allowed, so I guess this should be fine

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he became a furry :/

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Ew :(

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The art posted here is literally a monkey fur character. Why are you surprised?

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i love this guy's art (juacamo is the artist btw)

ill also take advantage of this and ask if anyone has more of his stuff, i can share the ones i have if you all are interested

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No not that. I mean even after that he’s just been totally missing.

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if anyone has his patreon please share

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Not into muscle guys with hyper dicks, but I am very interested in this

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