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When you will ban fujoshis and their ugly soft porn from this board for fucking sake?

Obviously fujoshis aka women, no dicks, no sperm, etc. Learn the difference incompetent mods:


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I'm complaining about this in this week too. What the fuck are they doing here? Please go to /cm/

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Hey man could you tone down the misogyny? Like half of the people on this board are women.

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You can use the Hide Thread button. You're not going to be punished for using it. No one's gonna be mad.

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Nobody gives a fuck about the girls browsing here except you.

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the fujos are cooler than you because they don't waste time whining to mommy about their feefees

have you considered shutting up and posting porn instead of summoning your "unemployed buster mad about cool people having a life" energies

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>the fujos are cool

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Petty sure the big asses femshit dude is just a straight man with bad taste.
And the rest are false flaggers trying hard to create in fighting, especially the "no small top" guy

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>*something's turning into shit thanks to w*men and trannies*
>hero calls it out
you are literally the cancer killing /y/ tranny scum

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Err... No? Women don't like hardcore porn.

Why they don't go to /cm/ instead?

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I'd ask why you don't notice a pattern between the autistic screeching to the jannies and nothing happening, because you're observably wrong and should be able to notice this pattern, but you're probably some smoothbrained closeted boomer that couldn't solve a crossword puzzle

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Seriously, you already have /cm/. Why do you want another board?

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Reddit trannies overused word of the century it seems.

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REMINDER: Stop using "cope", people. It automatically makes you lose an argument, makes you look weak, and any point(s) you had made makes them void.

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Im betting a million dollars you're a tranny yourself trying to compensate for your own lack of dick n' balls, not to mention friends or life off the internet.

Keep crying pussy.

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Who are you talking too? And projecting much?

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Cry moar faggot, this board wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for fujos. I remember this place since there was a single designated bara general and that was it.
You can ban us however you want, no fujo wants anything else to do with this cesspool ever since men came over and started filling the board with all their disgusting /d/ tier threads.

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That's never going to happen. You fags are the tourists, and at best, you'll get your own board and fuck off.

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If you don't like hardcore porn you are free to go to /cm/.

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Nope, softcore porn still is porn, and the images linked in the OP are way too lewd for /cm/ (or any blue board for the matter). Even ”small" things like detailed nipples or visible bulges and buttocks (not even exposed, being partially visible through clothes is enough) are ban worthy on /cm/.

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>Anon posts fully explicit gangbang
>Waaa you don't like hardcore porn!!!

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>ban fujoshis
I rather have spamfag(s) get permaban along wiping off all of their 10+ threads on this board. It's been almost a year now with this autismo around. Also just post/bump the threads you like.

These are spamfag's threads

You can post bara here

Low quality thread and hetporn has been posted too

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>/y/ is almost completely dominated by men
>board is a complete mess of blatant request threads with only one pic, low quality images, shit MS-paint tier drawings, autists spamming niche fetishes, /d/-tier threads, and spergs
>/cm/ has a higher female population
>board is tidy and organized, request threads are deleted relatively fast or turned into fully fledged threads, people post high quality pics curated from different sources, everyone mind their own threads, obscene stuff is deleted, and autists are deal with
It really makes you think.

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>pure sketches without decent colorization
>high quality pics

You are here only because barafags are the best artists lel

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>blatant request threads with only one pic

It's very hard to draw muscle bodies. You take months studying human anatomy. So it's pretty normal bara drawfags be rare.

>low quality images, shit MS-paint tier drawings

Even this are better than normal yaoi images.

>post high quality pics curated from different sources

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is obviously bait, right?

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So, why is this thread still up again? It's not like the mods will bother to check who is man or woman, and it's not like it fucking matters who is here anyway.

Also, I love how the discussion is just a bunch of dumb fags crying about people they don't even know if are women VS a bunch of dumb straight cunts thinking they own a clearly queer space.

Just shut up and share and enjoy the fucking porn.

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The superior gender is even more apparent when you add /u/ to the mix.
>Most organized board
>Super active drawthread
>Good balance between porn and discussion
>Almost no arguments going on in threads
>Literally have scanlation groups

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/u/ is mostly male, though, and is the board of origin of some of the worst autists on the entire site.

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>Super active drawthread
Whan an unfair comparsion. It takes way more time to draw muscle men than little girls. If these boards are so superior what are you doing here? Because you know no ome can compete against bara artists

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>Super active drawthread
Whan an unfair comparison. It takes way more time to draw muscle men than little girls. If these boards are so superior what are you doing here? Because you know no one can compete with bara artists

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