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Does anybody know if Luxuris/Henry Partum actually completed pic related? If so can you post it?
And if not just tell me so I can put my mind at rest and not waste so much time hunting it down, thanks.

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Anyone have these available?

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anyone got the rest of this?

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anyone got some of juacamo's stuff? more specifically his ryuji stuff and some of his older stuff, i had a lot of stuff before yiff.party got ded

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is there a new yiff party?

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Yeah there IS, kemono.party but theres barely any content of his there

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shame it barely gets updated

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Does anyone have this set from camohouse?

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Anyone have bunkarpron One Piece's stuff from his patreon?

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sana? kemono.party has an entry but aint got any of the good stuff

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Anyone have their TD stuff?

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Anyone got this Onward set from yoshka?
It's the last one.

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Mr. X-Toon's Tarzan and Milo

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anyone have this?

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Asking for this also

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2nd this

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anyone have new stuff from MondoArt?

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anyone got any Average Neighbor animations?

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what happened to yiff.party? is there an alternative?

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kemono party

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But unlike yiff party, Kemono party can do gumroad and fanbox. Pretty nice to see some fanbox from japanese artist

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yeah it just needs to be UPDATED more often like idk some artists like JUACAMO

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Kemono and cat updates is fucking garbage, none of the good artists and the ones that are on their is years old public shit, you will never find sfmtraining or anything else on there, shits all DMCA'd bunch of fannies.

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That gets released tomorrow (2/25)

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You sure? It seems to already be up on his patreon

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about time! it feels like forever since his tadashi video!

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yeah but mr.xtoon literally searches everything...there's no way his video is gonna get shared anytime soon

I'm more surprised Disney hasn't shut down his Patreon

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I know. That fucker has the audacity to bitch about having his stuff leaked when he is charging people for his porn of characters he doesn't even own. Fuck him

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Do any of y’all have his sketches from after he stopped posting to Twitter in like. July?

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it'll be shared like all his others

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Anyone got their Marco stuff?

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More kienbiu please

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yeah but its like, the only thing we have as of now since that memory hole website thing is still in development

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Anyone have Suyo's latest set?

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and this is why we never ever get QUALITY gay porn animations

you fuckers have to ruin everything

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greed ruins everything. best artists ENJOY making neat shit. to share the fuck out of it.

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I really hope you're trolling, because if not then you are DEAD wrong.
Artists need money to keep doing what they're doing, likes and comments are great but it doesn't bring food to the table or pay the bills. If you're thinking "why don't they get a job to get money" then you obviously underestimate how long it takes to draw, ESPACIALLY to animate.
Remember they're not machines, they're human.

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boo fucking hoo

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You do know he literally just traces scenes from porn right?
It's clearly shown in his "reference" post he recently made for a certain blowjob scene.

He's also starting to develop a pretty shity personality for characters he doesn't even own. It's only a matter of time before Disney shuts him down. Disney is VERY protective of their properties.

So far the only quality animator we have so far is Sana.

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I hope Disney does shut him down

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Looks like MrXToon himself also lurks here. Looks like we're not getting the "reward" anytime soon.

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I only follow him because I want to see Disney shut him down. I wonder how he's going to react.

Is he gonna end up like Phausto and do cape shit?...or will he just disappear for good?

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Not him, dude. Just tired of this entitled bitchy mentality that the fandom has.
It's why a lot of good artists have disappeared.

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Can you share the popcorn when Disney sue and he start crying like a bitch on Twiitter?

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Patreon is why they disappear. There's nothing wrong with creating fanart, however you are violating copyright when you start asking for money.

Fan art is a gray area and illegal.

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You know Sana traces his animations from hentai so hard to the point the guys have female boobs sometimes right? Traced or not, Toon's work is top notch and looks amazing, and he's doing what you, me and any of us are capable of doing.

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Porn falls under the parody category, nobody is losing money by the creation of this type of fanart, hence it's legal. Stop going with the copyright thing just because it burns you someone is not making free porn for you. There's a reason why companies can't stop the spreading of porn, free or paid, and even being a job in places like Japan.

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You know I can understand an artist being mad if the during the first week or so an animation of mine leaked but I feel like if they were leaked a month after I first posted I wouldn't be so mad.

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Because you are a smart person

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Spoken like someone who doesn’t make art

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art really works best as a hobby, doesn't it? everything takes time. you made no points here.
spoken like someone who lives for being wrong.

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>art really works best as a hobby, doesn't it? everything takes time.
I don't think you want to wait nearly 3-4 weeks just for one artwork, nobody does.

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Imagine being THIS salty because you don't get to see Tarzan and Milo fuck. There is so much more porn on the internet, so you got 3 things to do:

1. Pay the man and see it now.
2. Wait a few days until it gets leaked.
3. Just jerk off and chill out.

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do non-artists actually believe this? holy shit

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Does anyone have @kokokoart18 (Twitter)s full pics of her JoJo Patreon Pack?

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Hate break it to you, but you and that artist are prime time lezzers.

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