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Fundoshi thread

I'm also curious. Are we all cis gay/bi guys? Is there anyone that's not attracted to men irl but still like yaoi? Do trannies come here? Tell me about yourself!

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Most yall seem to hate femboys right?

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Pretty sure any type of person comes here.

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Even straight dudes with no attraction to men? I really doubt it. I imagine some demographics are more represented here, lol.

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I'm pretty sure a lot of women come here too
Couldn't tell you demographic percentages though lol

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I'd be very surprised if that was true. Jacking off to anime pics seems like the most stereotypically male thing possible.

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Women do frequent.

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Fundoshis are incredibly erotic

Love them

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I'm Bisexual

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Men who pretend to be women and women who pretend to be men.

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Don't attach yourself to group identities unless you want to end up in a cult or mental institution.

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Nope. Like half of this board are women. Duh.

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You haven't seen the thirst of underage tiktok girls. But then again, this is 4chan.
Most people on tikok probably think this is a deep web human-trafficking site.

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>Are we all cis gay/bi guys?
>Is there anyone that's not attracted to men irl but still like yaoi?
I suppose I like both but I exclusively date and have sex with women
>Do trannies come here?
Wouldn't they go to hentai alt?
>Tell me about yourself!
No thank you but if anyone has Deku is a fundoshi, I will love you forever

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You do realize most "classic" yaoi is made by women, for women, right?

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Nah, they think this is a completely wholesome anime forum where they can come to post about their day and get validated and sometimes be a little bit edgy but is all in good faith, right?
We advertised the site way too much over the last decade.
Now I would be surprised if half of you aren't actually around 16 or came thanks to fucking greentext readings on youtube or something.

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“Wouldn’t they go to hentai alt?”
Not enough male-focused threads for my liking

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It was 40%, right?

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The only zoomer I know that is aware of 4chan is a type of /pol/fag that's on a neo-nazi discord server because they "get his humor".

I'm just here for the fucking porn n for whatever /x/ is doing

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I’m a trans guy. Do I count?

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Asexual woman, been coming (pfft, hah!) to /y/ for years. Not interested in having sex, but art of gay couples triggers something in my brain. Just art, not photos of people, and only male. Someone once suggested that maybe it's far enough from actual sexual activity that my imagination can run with it.

(On phone, no pics to upload. Sorry.)

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queer queer (bio f) been on this site since 07 or thereabouts. /y/ was the first board I was introduced to. I am attracted to men irl and women. I usually don't come to this board to get off, it's more for the mental stimulation. I'm actually not a big fan of using porn to get off to. polite sage for no visual content.

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Does it feel good to talk about yourselves in a place where most people would want you both dead rather than know more about you?

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Ace girl again. I don't really care if someone wants me dead, as long as they're not actively trying to kill me. But historically speaking, there hasn't been a lot of violence toward people like myself, nothing close to what most lgbt groups have gone through. It can be complicated, but I'm aware that in a sense I'm privileged.

Anyway, OP asked, and if it means other asexuals can feel less weird browsing here I'm happy to share. But since this isn't a blog I'll leave it at that.

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Just shut the fuck up attention whore, for someone not wanting to get fucked you sure got very little sense of self-preservation.
I'll feel even weirder now thanks to you.

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Boo-hoo. Now stop being a little bitch and post porn.

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Thought I was the only ace in /y/

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And the children are FBI agents.

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I'm also an asexual on their phone! I'm a lesbian so I don't even like men romantically in general

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Ah, fundoshi's.

Back when I played Phantasy Star Online 2 all the toons I used were male, and I bought each one a fundoshi and had them all wear them most the time. I haven't played the game in years, but miss running around with nearly naked guys.

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It's the only type of porn that caters specifically to females. A lot of women come here for that reason. Focus on male pleasure and male bodies. Straight porn's always about the female.

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Ace nonbinary trannie here (born female) I think the only reason why i stay here is because I have a degradation kink lol.

But seriously though I really liske the art on here, though mostly on an aesthetic level and I enjoy the anonymous setting and the way the board is

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